Privacy policy

About the company

Saving info, and usage of info

If you and/or your daughter/son contact the company (run by Martin Ågren) you approve to this: The company saves customer (and/or potential customers) information like name, telephone, email etc. 

The company stores both information about the guitar student and/or parents of the student (for example if the guitar student is a child, and you as a parent contact the company for questions about guitar lessons for your child). 

This helps the company to keep track of who is who, and prevents misunderstandings and also makes it possible for the company to contact the customer and/or guitar student (and/or potential future customer/student) if necessary.

Deleting information

If you wish your contact information to be deleted, you can email anytime to and specify in that email that you wish your contact information to be deleted. After that, you cannot continue using the company services.


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